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||Aaj Ka Great Gambler (Aata)||
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Ratings: 4.8/10
Genre(s): Romance
Released On: 9 May 2007
Directed by: V.N. Aditya
Star Cast: Abhinayasri, Ravi Babu, Sarath Babu
Synopsis: Srikrishna (Siddharth) grows up watching films playing in the theatre in which his father works as a movie-projectionist in a village. He yearns to become a famous hero like the films he has watched all his life. Satya (Ileana) is harassed by Vicky (Munna) – son of a politician (Jaya Prakash Reddy)- who wants to marry her. Satya escapes from home and Srikrishna falls in love with her the first time he meets her. As the goons and police chase Satya, Srikrishna protects her and drops her in the house of the politician just as Satya is falling in love with him. He wins Vicky’s confidence. Then, he plays a one sided game with him. At the end, the police that were working with Vicky turn against him and arrest Vicky and his parents. Satya and Srikrishna get married. This Movie Hindi Dubbed As Aaj Ka Great Gambler.

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